Fairleigh Dickinson University 2011

Fairleigh Dickinson University Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. Hi 1519 views
2. Want To Save A Life? 963 views
3. Smoking Kills 795 views
4. Hold the Mayo 730 views
5. Just Another Comedy 683 views
6. aujourd'hui 585 views
7. While You Are Sleeping 566 views
8. je t'aime 523 views
9. Palestine - The Uncovered 472 views
10. It Happened to Ana 361 views
11. The Life of John 236 views
12. The Real College Students Of New Jersey 204 views
13. Star-Stuck 198 views
14. Night Confessions from Spectrum 154 views
15. Forsaken Generation 127 views
16. Want To Be In Our Movie ? 124 views
17. Our Generation 90 views
18. The Unknown 76 views


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These films will be invited to the International Grand Finale 

BEST PICTURE Want to Save A Life?
BEST DRAMA While You Are Sleeping
BEST COMEDY Just Another Comedy
WILD CARD Smoking Kills


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Fairleigh Dickinson University Event Blog

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