Georgia Institute of Technology 2012

Georgia Institute of Technology Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. Take Care 7417 views
2. The Therapist 4700 views
3. How the Hell Do I Get a Date? 1945 views
4. Paper Airplane 1797 views
5. Elevator Experiences 869 views
6. Syneva Runyan's Project 540 views
7. Metamorphysis 417 views
8. Endemic 322 views
9. Noir Else to Go 277 views
10. Rick 246 views
11. Instructional Opposition Disorder 237 views
12. CYBORG 220 views
13. Bury The Day 196 views
14. NOT Another Love Story 176 views
15. Dick Justice and the Mysterious Ring 163 views
16. Sole Mates 145 views
17. Paralysis 130 views
18. Jared Caldwell's Project 96 views
19. Homelessness 90 views
20. Gerrymandering 85 views
21. Justin Cho's Project 69 views
CMF Hollywood
CMF Wildcard



CMF Wild Card - Congratulations to The Cool Kids for creating How The Hell Do I Get A Date!  You've been selected to move on to compete in our online national bracket for a chance to screen during CMF Hollywood.  Stay tuned for more details on the next round of the competition.       


CMF Millionaire - You've got 2 ways to become part of the CMF Millionaire club.  Get 1million views on your submitted film by the CMF Hollywood event in June OR submit another short to our Millionaire Challenge and get 1 million views on that video.  Not only do you become an exclusive member, but we'll give you a free iPad.  It's that easy.  


See - Pictures on facebook from your event and tag yourself & friends.   

See - All the submitted movies in a youtube playlist below 








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