University of North Carolina at Pembroke 2013

University of North Carolina at Pembroke Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. On Our Way 1347 views
2. Miss Knightress-Dream 1095 views
3. B For Bully 724 views
4. Majoring In Music... The Real Struggle 655 views
5. Smoking Stereotypes 561 views
6. I Am a Christian 450 views
7. Soul Triptych 370 views
8. Suite 117: Girl Code 305 views
9. Who Are You Sleeping With? (Wrap It Up) 278 views
10. N.C.N.W Commercial 252 views
11. Keys 236 views
12. Day-Mare 222 views
13. Dirty Rich 162 views
14. The College Experience 150 views
15. The Weekend (#TWUNCP) 149 views
16. Caught In Between 141 views
17. The Marrena Show 130 views
18. The Everyday . 124 views
19. Hope Is Near 115 views
20. A Work in Progress 104 views
21. Work Hard Play Hard 87 views
22. On The Way Home 75 views
23. No One Knows 71 views
24. Three Crazy A** Hefas 61 views
25. Weekend With Chris Lindsay 58 views
26. Who did it 47 views
27. Never Afraid 43 views
28. The Equality of All 41 views
29. Project K-21 22 views
30. The Epic Fail 0 views

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CMF Wild Card - Congratulations to Brenda Ann Rodick's Crew for creating On Our Way . You've been selected to move on to compete in our online national bracket for a chance to screen during CMF Hollywood.  Stay tuned for more details on the next round of the competition. 


CMF Millionaire - Become part of the CMF Millionaire club™.  Get 1million views on your submitted film Not only do you become an exclusive member, but we'll give you a free iPad.  It's that easy.  

Launch Support Collection Finale
Date Wed, Sep 11 Thu, Sep 12; Fri, Sep 13; Mon, Sep 16 Tue, Sep 17 Sat, Sep 21
Place UC Mall UC Mall UC 213 UC Lounge
Time 12-5p 12-4p 2-6p Doors 7p Show 7:30


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