The University of Tampa 2007

The University of Tampa Event Details
Online Movie Views Leaderboard
1. The Adventures of Super Jew 7298 views
2. Indian Burn 2984 views
3. Rocky "I wanna be your manager" 1680 views
4. Kicked Out 1336 views
5. The Boathouse 1037 views
6. Riddle in Londontown 900 views
7. Girls Night Out 856 views
8. Bmx 2007 553 views
9. Beer Belly 448 views
10. Child Star 402 views
11. Dead End 276 views
12. A Week in the Life of an Elevator 227 views
13. Cold War 174 views
14. Michaelangelo's David 107 views
15. The Follower 97 views
16. Guitars and Caffeine: The Ballad of Jerry Sullivan 94 views
17. Winter's Heat 83 views
18. Subliminal 80 views
19. The Disapearing Man 72 views
20. Discover Fresh Breath 67 views
21. Life As A Banana 64 views
22. How to Solve Your Problems through Violence 63 views
23. A Broken Heart 60 views
24. A Halloween Story 57 views
25. Black Friday 56 views
26. Isolation 41 views
27. The Petal Peddler 24 views
28. My Great Movie 13 views

  Congratulations, University of Tampa! See the top movies here! 


Special thanks to all the UT participants during this year's Campus MovieFest event! The student, staff, and faculty judges selected their picks that were shown at a huge red carpet celebration and that earned Best Picture, Best Comedy, and Best Drama honors.


Your text votes will decide the winner of the AT&T Wild Card which, along with the other award winners, will move onto the Western Regional Grand Finale for a chance at huge prizes and exposure.


And, of course, enjoy all the amazing movies made by UT students.

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